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  • What is the cost for a session?
    One session is 75 minutes in length and is $27 per person plus tax and booking fee(includes an axepert see below)
  • What type of shoes are required to throw?
    You MUST have closed toe shoes on at all times or you cannot throw.
  • Are there any age limits for axe throwing?
    At TTA our minimum age for throwing is 12, however, an adult supervisor must also be participating. All participants that are 17 and under MUST have an adult throwing with them.
  • What do I get in a session?
    TTA has “Axeperts” who are axe experts that will give you a brief overview on safety, teach you some throwing techniques and they will teach you fun games and how to keep score.
  • Can we tip our Axepert?
    Why yes, gratuity is greatly appreciated. They work just as hard if not harder than a server at a restaurant.
  • Can I bring my own axe?
    Unfortunately the answer is no, due to insurance you can only use the axes provided at TTA.
  • Will I have my own lane?
    The only groups that are guaranteed their own dedicated lanes are those that have: Reserved Private Axe Throwing with a minimum 6 person group or selected the "Private Experience" option under the Shared Axe Throwing. Shared Axe Throwing means you may (especially at busy times) be sharing a lane with other players, but that just makes it all the more fun!
  • Do you take walk-ins or is online booking required?
    We anticipate staying very busy so online booking is highly recommended especially on the weekends. Walk ins are welcome but you may have a long wait time for an open lane during busy times.
  • Do I need to arrive before my scheduled throwing time?
    We highly recommend you arrive approximately 15 minutes early to check-in . Also, please make sure your entire party is there on time. If your party arrives after your scheduled booking time begins, you will have the remaining time booked initially to play. Time does not extend beyond the original booking date/time and refunds will not be issued for lost time.
  • Are spectators allowed in the throwing area?
    Due to space restrictions we can only allow those people throwing to enter the range area. We have a large lobby area with comfy seating and the bar area for you to enjoy while you wait. We also have games for your enjoyment while waiting for your throwing time.
  • What is simulated shooting?
    Simulated shooting is a great way to practice your shooting skills and techniques without the use of real ammunition. Our weapons are life like versions of the real thing but DO NOT shoot live ammunition. They utilize an infrared laser that fires at the screen and is read by hit detection camera.
  • What is the cost for a session?
    1 Hour Session: $65 base price includes (2) inert pistols and (1) inert shotgun plus the first shooter. Each additional shooter is only $20/each. (plus taxes and booking fees) OR 30 Minute Session: $30 base price includes (2) inert pistols and (1) inert shotgun plus the first shooter. Each additional shooter is only $15/each. (plus taxes and booking fees) The use of recoiling weapons does cost extra.
  • Is this safe?
    YES! This is the safest form of shooting a weapon there is. There is nothing being shot from the gun other than an infrared laser similar to a remote control for your TV.
  • Can we bring our own weapons?
    NO! NO! NO! For your safety and the safety of others there are no weapons of any kind allowed into our facility. We provide everything you will need for a safe and fun experience.
  • What types of weapons do you have?
    We have 2 different types of weapons. 1. We have inert weapons which means there is no sound or movement, only the pulling of the trigger. (pistols and shotgun) 2. We have recoil enabled weapons which means that the weapon does recoil when the trigger is pulled simulating the firing of a real firearm. (Glock G17 and AR-15)
  • Is this loud?
    Most of the sound is from an audio system that is connected to the games. Similar to that of a movie theater setting. If a recoil enabled weapon is being used then it also makes a popping noise but nothing like that of a real gun being fired.
  • Do you sell beverages?
    We sell beer, wine, cider and other non-alcoholic beverages. All beverages must be purchased from us on site. Outside food is allowed to be brought in.
  • Do you sell food?
    We do not sell food, however for private parties you can bring in catered food.
  • If I book a private party can I bring in food/drink?
    If you book our private party room you can utilize our catering options or bring in your own outside food. All drinks, however, must be purchased at TTA. Private parties also need to provide their own plates, utensils, cups and napkins. A small clean-up fee and gratuity will be added for your convenience.
  • Do you offer catering for private parties and events?
    We are working on some local catering options for our clients.
  • Do you offer private special events?
    You can rent our private room for small events such as birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or any group event. You can also rent our entire venue for your next Corporate meeting, Corporate event or Team building. CONTACT US NOW FOR INFO
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    POLICY FOR 75 minute RESERVATIONS Cancellations within 72 hours or more of your event will be given a refund minus a 15% processing fee. Cancellations between 24-72 hours of your event will be given a refund minus a 30% processing fee. (reservations made within this time period, policy applies) Cancellations 24 hours or less of your event will have NO refund. (reservations made within this time period, policy applies) Re-schedules within 24 hours of your event will be treated as a cancellation with NO refund. Only (1) re-schedule will be allowed if made before 24 hours of your event. If the re-schedule is canceled there is NO refund. If you cancel your reservation online, you will still be required to call us for a refund. POLICY FOR 2 hour RESERVATIONS Please be aware that there will be a minimum charge of $300 per every 12 guests for the 2 hour Lodge booking if the event is canceled. Example: If you have 8-12 guests paid for and cancel we will refund minus the $300 fee. If you have 13-20 guests paid for we will refund minus $600 fee. There will be no exceptions made.
  • Can I change/cancel my booking online?
    No. If you need to change/cancel your booking please give us a call or send us an email.
  • Do you offer gift cards?
    Yes we do, this is a great way to give a unique gift! Our gift cards are electronic and will be emailed to you or whomever email you choose. We are not able to retrieve gift card information so we cannot be held responsible for lost gift cards.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located at: 6000 Meadowbrook Mall Court, Unit 12 Clemmons, NC 27012. We are right next to Mi Pueblo and Kmart, right off I-40.
  • How is Parking?
    We have ample parking available
  • Is there anywhere close by to eat?
    Absolutely! Our neighbors Mi Pueblo, Waffle House, Taco Bell and Chinese are all within walking distance from TTA. Many other great options are less than a mile away. We will also have food trucks on occasion.
  • What are your business hours?
    Monday - Private events only (give us call or send an email) Tuesday - Private events only (give us a call or send an email) Wednesday - Private events only (give us a call or send an email) Thursday - 6pm-10pm (Reservations ONLY) Friday - 6pm-10:30pm Saturday - 1:30pm-10:30pm Sunday - 1:30pm-7pm


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